Friday, March 6, 2009

and you're finally free to twist and turn like a skeleton key

Okay so i'm sad to say i don't have any new, fun, interesting food.
spring break is next week so our grocery trip wasn't even that exciting..just the basics till we get back and will splurge at whole foods and tj's!
no worries though, when i'm home..i'm sure i'll be cooking up tons! :)


i do have quite exciting news regarding myself!!

First up.. as its quite apparent, I had gotten my first tattoo this past October of the vegan society symbol sunflower on my foot..and i love it. and it was painful and i'm a huge pansy. BUT i've been thinking ever since how badly I wanted another one..
and so the roomie and I both got what we wanted this past saturday!!

it's on my right ankle..right above the ankle bone..and i absolutely LOVE it! it's still in the healing process right not exactly looking its best..but once its nice out I can't wait to show it off!!

now i will admit, there is one more that I want.. but i think i'm going to hold off until summer ;) i guess it is true...they are addicting.. even with someone like me who is scared to death of getting her doctor shots!

okay exciting news number two...
I received my acceptance letter from my school and then got through two phone interviews and got accepted into American Intercontinental University in London!! for the Summer 09 semester!!

i'm SO SO SO excited. The semester is from June 5th until July 11th. Which I think it just long enough to really live there and experience it, without feeling like it's tooo long. it should be an amazing time...
although i've heard it's a bit difficult for a vegan diet.. but i'm not too i'm sure i'll be okay! :)
If anyone has been to London or has any recommendations or tips or anything, definitely let me know!!

Oh! And in other exciting very UPCOMING news.. i'm going to be seeing Chelsea Handler tomorrow night at the Tower Theatre!!
I'm obsessed with the show Chelsea Lately, and I think she's going to be hilarious. I hope she brings along chuey!

Have a wonderful weekend!!
I promise I'll post about delicious food next time ;)


VeggieGirl said...

Gorgeous tattoo + studying abroad in London + seeing Chelsea Handler = SO MUCH FREAKING EXCITEMENT FOR YOU, GIRL!!!!!! :-D

Bianca said...

Tattoos are totally addictive. I have two, but I want so many more! They're just so darned expensive.

Congrats on the school stuff! Living in London would be so exciting!

Anna said...

Tatoos! London! Chelsea Handler! You are on a roll, girl. That all sounds so amazing!

Anonymous said...

Tattoos? London?? CHELSEA HANDLER?!! I'm so jealous =)

Vegan On Stage said...

OMG SO COOL!!!! i love it!!! its beautiful :)

and london.. holy good god are you one lucky girl!

flower said...

Youre coming to London, congrats lady youll have a great time :) Love the tattoo

Ruby Red Vegan said...

Awesome! Congrats on London!

Baylee♥ said...

I LOVEEE your tattoo!!! So cute!!!

Congratulations on getting accepted!! That sounds like it should be quite an exciting experience!!

jodye said...

I love the new tattoo! And congrats on london, I was born there, but haven't been back in years. I'm sure you'll have an amazing time!

flower said...

Have a look at you might find some helpful info for your trip

Anonymous said...

its soooooo easy to be a vegan in london, it's one of the most varied cities in the world you'll love it

Anonymous said...

Vegan in London is easy peasy!

Make sure you check out SAF! vegan gourmet restaurant, inspiral lounge(great vegan cakes!)vitaorganic,mildreds(veggie), many!

I live in London so feel free to contact me if you'd like showing around :)


Anonymous said...

hi! this is so random hah but i'm trying to decide where i want to study this summer in london, how did you like aiu???

Anonymous said...