Friday, September 11, 2009

party in the usa

so i'll be honest and admit that i'm a huge miley cyrus fan..and her song party in the usa is constantly getting stuck in my head lately... don't hate, you know her songs are catchy! ;)

haha on that note..
last weekend my fantaaaabulous boyfriend and i went to Vegan Treats in Bethlehem, know, the super amazing all vegan bakery that sends their delicious-ness to TONS of places in philadelphia, nyc, and all over the east pretty much!
linkage - Vegan Treats
caution: by looking at the menu, you'll feel the urge to go there immediately..or at least whip up some delicious desserts yourself ;)

most people probably don't get this excited over a bakery...but being a all can definitely understand how excited I was. :)

I definitely got to try a few things, and they were all a-mazing, of course!

despite the silly stop-and-go traffic, we finally got there..i'd say it was worth it.

I thought it was super cute was very pink and adorably decorated. They had a ton of articles from VegNews and other vegetarian magazines on the wall of their reviews and such.

We were going to each get something, but seeing how big this one dessert was, we decided to split it..gooood idea. Awesome for me, they had peanut butter soft serve! That was a must to get..but I wanted to try something else as well. I promise under this mountain of soft serve, there was a scrumptious peanut butter cup brownie. The peanut butter on that brownie was the most amazing thing I've had in forever. oh my love for peanut butter <3

We got some stuff to go as well, and I wanted to bring something for the roomie, of course! My first instinct was to get her the raspberry bar, but there were so many choices I really didn't know what to I called and of course she picked the raspberry bar as well haha.

She said it was quiiiite tasty..i figured ;)

I also brought home a Cookies N Cream filled donut..

I was really hopeing that they would have a boston creme donut, since those were my favorite before going vegan, but a cookies and cream filled donut was definitely good enough! The frosting was soo creamy and delicious..

No wonder people go a bit crazy for this place, everything we tried was SO good. I definitely recommend heading out there if you're not too far away! Or you can order stuff off the website as well..which might be an easier idea ;)

This weekend I'm going to New York and trying out Baby I'll see how that is up against Vegan Treats! I'm sure it'll be just as delicious :)
have a fabulous weekend!