Thursday, September 4, 2008

soo its been a bit...

OKAY so i'm finally somewhat situated into the new apartment and the internet is FINALLY up and running.. soo i'm excited to get back on here. unfortunately, i have yet to cook anything post-worthy (ex:tonights dinner was banana peanut butter on toast..exactly, however quite delicious) but i have had some awesome vegan sandwiches and such ...but forgot to have my camera with me...guess ill just have to get them again ;)

by the way, ive moved to main street in manayunk in philly, if anyone knows where it is. and its seriously completely perfect. i'm so excited to be here.

expect lots of restaurant reviews ;)

i'm super excited to read everyone's blogs again though. i just wanted to update just to say i havent completely dissapeared..just moved..and hopefully ill be completely situated shortly. a much better update will be coming soon, promise!

now off to read everyone else's wonderful blogs. :)