Thursday, July 2, 2009

Vegan in Valencia, Spain!

I've been traveling all over London as well as Spain and Ireland, but have had no time to post!
I've been trying to find vegan food that is actually opposed to a side salad of lettuce and tomatoes...and some places have definitely been harder.
Take Valencia, Spain for instance...
I definitely had a much harder time finding vegan food here...even trying to tell people that I was vegan was quite difficult! the language barrier could have been something to do with this as well though...
Valencia has a lot of italian food places though, which was quite we were expecting to eat a lot of spanish food..not as much though.
anyway, the first place we went luckily the waitress spoke english, so I explained to her I wanted something all vegetables and no cheese or meat...
She brought me out this..

It was a toasted piece of bread covered in a tangy marinara sauce and topped with tons of grilled vegetables, including tomatoes, artichokes, brocolli, and a few others as well!
For such a simple meal, it was really really delicious, so I was glad she was able to help me out there! especially for our first meal..since we were both just so hungry from the flight..
Other meals were mostly salads...that I had to customize to tell the server not to put any eggs or meat on it..
but regardless, I was only there for 3 days so luckily the monatony of the plain boring salad wasn't tooo awful.
There were though really nice looking Falafel eateries everywhere though..

Can't really go wrong with falafel wraps..
that surprises me a lot about not just valencia, but also in london... there are SOO many places with falafel.. which i absolutely love and usually have to search for a falafel place in philly!
So even though the food in Valencia isn't quite vegan or vegetarian friendly..
The beach was beautiful..

Warm sunny beaches was exactly what we needed as opposed to London's rainy and chilly weather...
The architecture in Valencia was absolutely gorgeous as well..

It was definitely a fabulous 3 day trip to the beach...I'd definitely recommend anyone going, it was a really beautiful city. Just make sure to try and find some vegan or vegetarian places before hand and it should be good ;)