Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 for Vegan Gal

So as 2010 is quickly approaching (as in less than 12 hours!!), I felt it quite appropriate to get back on here and update one last time in 2009! (ooh i'm quite the poet..kind of)

Anyway, I'm very excited for the start of this year. 2010 = my graduation year!
one more semester to go..for undergrad anyway!
Also, as exciting and amazing that 2009 was for me, I feel that 2010 can only get even that's definitely something to look forward to :)

I don't have any recipes or food reviews or pictures to post right now, I have plenty of them from the past month or so..but I want to dedicate this post to saying goodbye to 2009 and hellllo to 2010! But no worries, I'll get to them eventually ;) Let's just say I got a spiralizer for Christmas and I know how to use it..woo!

What was so amazing for me in 2009?
Well within the first month of it I met Jason, who is amazing beyond belief and I've fallen quite in love with that alone can make the whole year amazing ;)

In March I saw Chelsea Handler, my favvvvorite, live at the Tower Theater. Which was ...awesome!

I also spent 5 weeks of the summer in London with Emily. Which I posted a ton about all the awesome vegan places and cool spots we found. It was definitely a life experience that I will always be very grateful for.

I got through my first semester of my senior year in college, which was a toughie- (hellooo advanced research project) but managed to get through it with quite good grades! (hellooo A in advanced research!! awesome!)

I was able to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas at home with my family, which is something I am very thankful for. And also that I saw Chloe one last time before she passed away this past month.

(My brother, me, and my sister last mother hoarded all the pics from christmas and thanksgiving this year!)

So! That brings us to this new year. And like many others, I definitely have some resolutions that I am going to be working towards.

For one, This Blog. Vegan Gal is something that I never want to give up. I know I've become less connected to it as far as blogging as much as I used to (used to be a couple times a week! now i'm lucky if its been a couple a month!). I still read others blogs all the time though, and love getting inspiration from them!
So my resolution for Vegan Gal is to blog at LEAST once a week. I'm really hoping I succeed at this one.

Two - In connection to blogging at least once a week, that means I'll have to get cooking more often! Being in college, things get quite hectic and leaves very little time to make fun vegan meals. So, I'm going to try to get in the kitchen more often and cook cook cook! :)

Three - This one is more of something I want to continue doing as opposed to start doing. This past year I've realized I've finally let myself rid of the things that I was not happy with, and fill them with things that do make me happy. I want to continue this and not let myself fall into places that I was not happy with them. Examples being - for many years of my life I was in a relationship(s) that I knew myself I was not happy with at all. But I stayed there, comfort perhaps? But I finally got rid of that and now I'm in a relationship where I'm very very happy. Also, I worked at Applebee's for 2 1/2 years..not liking the food I was serving people, not liking some rude customers I dealt with, and not liking the way management was - in other words I didn't like it at all! Finally, I no longer work there and now I work at Mugshots and I'm much happier there :) So I'm planning on keeping this up!!

Four - Do well in my last undergraduate semester!!! Crucial, peeps. This is the last of the last until I finally get myself to grad school, so these grades have to come out looking quite nice :) I feel I can do it!

Five - FINISH one of the bunches of songs I've been playing on the piano! Currently I'm working on "We're So Far Away" by Mae, and it's a beauuutiful song on the piano, it really is. But I don't want to start another song until I finally finish this one. Yes, this means more banging on my keys in frustration (i can be quite the frustrated pianist sometimes, haha pianist..) BUT I am determined to finish this one, and I know my sense of accomplishment will be great once I do!

Okay. I think that's basically the gist of what I'm hoping will come from the new year! My plans for the evening? Going out in Center City! woo! Hope everyone has a wonderful and fun New Years!!
See you in 2010!