Saturday, July 19, 2008

why did i ever let you go mamma mia, now i really know

Yes I saw Mamma Mia tonight in theatres..and it was awesome! I definitely recommend anyone to go see it! I have yet to see it on broadway, but the movie version was really really good. And the whole movie I knew the main girl looked familiar..but I realized who she was at the end! The really dumb, ditzy girl from Mean Girls. haha I must say, it was really weird/refreshing to see her play the character in Mamma Mia, such a different role from her old one!..and much better!

Soo I wanted to make chocolate chip cookies again yesterday but I wanted to try a different recipe..even though the other one I made a couple weeks ago came out really good (just wanted to test the waters, i suppose) So I made a recipe I found on a website called Thin Bakery Style Chocolate Chip Cookies. All excited and such, I made them. And yes, they came out really awesome! So then I compared the recipe with the previous cookie recipe I made..and yeah basically the exact same recipe. haha I was so bummed! Butttt....this one is a bit easier and just as good! Instead of 2 egg replacers that were in the other recipe, this one was just 2 T of applesauce..which made it a bit easier (no blending of flax seeds and such..) So that was a relief..and from now on I'll use the applesauce. :)

And what's better than a perfect chocolate chip cookie?

Mint fudge ice cream in the middle OF COURSE!
it was quite scrumptious!

I promise that I don't just make desserts..although thats how it seems lately! it is my favorite to make though.. haha next post will be real food. :)