Friday, July 11, 2008

i can't imagine all the people that you know, and the places that you go..

So lots of exciting news has come my way!
I'll save the cutest and best for last :)

Well I found a place to live for this upcoming school year! Woohoo...And not to mention.. it's on Main Street in Manayunk above one of the shops! Yesss.. perfect location. I'm so super excited. I haven't actually seen it yet haha, but my roommate was in philly and saw it and told me and took pictures and such..and from the pics it looks nice! But I told her just to go ahead and sign the papers, I mean, we only have a month left until we have to move so time is getting short! But I'm so excited to move in!! :)

Onwards.. to a food portion of the entry..
The other night I made the Barbecue Baked Tofu from Veganomicon(surprise surprise, i know haha.) I figured Cody would really like it, since he says he prefers tofu over tempeh..which is weird..i feel that tempeh has more of a "meaty" texture than tofu does but whatever. Unfortunately, he got through 1 1/2 pieces and then said that the consistency was a bit much for him. But hey, he liked the sauce! The rest of the fam seemed to like it a bit i hope. I enjoyed it though! The sauce was so awesome for it! I used the barbecue sauce from the cookbook, and it was delicious. Very tomato-ey, but very very good.

Okay, so On July 10th at 9:53 PM Amberlynn Markah Elzey was born! Yes, my best friend Amanda finally had her baby! And she is the most beautiful, precious baby I have ever seen. Seriously, she is just gorgeous!
Here's a pic of me and my best friend with her beautiful baby.

Quiet! Babys sleeping! :)