Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Vegan's Wedding

So even though my wedding was almost 3 months ago (wow..where did the past 3 months go?!) I'm finally finding some free time to blog!
I've definitely been cooking and eating at some amazing places lately, so I'll have much to catch up on writing about.
I'll share my wedding moments with you first though! :)

The day before my wedding was spent running around with my maid of honor doing a couple of last minute things. Nothing stressful - getting mani & pedi's and prepping myself!
We had our rehearsal at the country club at 4:30, which went fine!

My something blue's! :)

Followed by our rehearsal dinner at the Dueling Kurtz House in Exton. I had eaten there twice before and although their menu doesn't have anything really vegan on it, they made me a delicious butternut squash risotto both times and it's been great! They made it for all the vegetarians that were at the dinner as well.

Jason's mom made the cute table names and place cards for all of the guests. It was a great idea and was really cute on the tables! she had named each of the tables after places we had been together, of course Jamaica hadn't happend yet but it was where our honeymoon was going to be!

^Us at the rehearsal dinner.

The rest of the evening we went out to a local bar with our bridal party and other people who were in the area to celebrate our last night before being married! It was great spending time with everyone but I was ready for the next day!!
That night I did manage to get a couple of hours of sleep, and my sister Emily, maid of honor Emily, and bridesmaid Kate all stayed with me that night which was great!

The morning we woke up pretty early, and ventured out to Target to get some coffee and last minute things for our "brunch" at the salon!

We were to be at the salon by 9:00 so I had made muffins and gotten some fruit to munch on while we were getting our hair & make up done.

The bridesmaids all dolled up! :)

After getting to the country club, they were nice enough to supply some wraps for the bridal party and make me a special veggie wrap!

My bridal party helped me get dressed and prepped for the ceremony!

We then had photo shoots around the country club with our fabulous photographer, Tiffany Atlas.

My wonderful bridesmaids :)

We had our pictures done before the ceremony, so yes we saw eachother before we walked down the aisle, but it was very romantic and special to have our own moment seeing eachother in private before the ceremony :) Made me so much less nervous as well seeing him beforehand!

The ceremony went wonderfully. My aunt and Jason's friend Tim both had readings in the ceremony that we chose, as well as a song that we had the audience sing a verse from. We also had a sand ceremony instead of the traditional unity candle. The sand worked out great and now we have the pieces of it to decorate our home.

I'll post about the rest of the wedding in my next post! The cocktail hour, dinner, and of course the CAKE! :)


Millie said...

everyone looked stunning. I am so happy for you and I wish you both an eternal life together full of love, respect and honesty...God Bless.

Theresa said...

How beautiful! Congratulations on your gorgeous wedding, and I hope your first three months of marriage have been as picturesque as the wedding celebrations!

kate funk said...

Yayyy finally black to the blog world!! Such a fun day had by all! So happy to be a part of it!!!

Millie said...

I am having a giveaway. hope you enter to win..millie

Gi said...

Wow! Gratz! I have not talk to you in ages! I am married too and hope things are going well.