Thursday, December 11, 2008

they won't see us waving from such great heights

So I don't have anything interesting that i've made to share..
basically we've been eating out or making boca burgers and veggies for lunch ;)
but we leave for a month soon so that's why...otherwise i'd be making some delicious food. anyways.

I do have a vegan food review from 7-11!
yes..that's right, 7-11 the convenience store that sells plenty of non vegan calorie filled doughnuts and packaged snacks.
don't be fooled. because 5 of the locations in Philadelphia offer many vegan choices from the brand Moshe who makes different vegan sandwiches, etc. in the city.
And lucky for me, one of those 5 locations is right up the street from my apartment!

I went in and saw the assortment of the different things to try..

there was a vegan chicken salad sandwich, seitan steak sandwich, un turkey sandwich, hummus sandwich, lentils and spinach burrito, vegetarian fajita burrito, vegetarian spring wrappers, these asian noodle things, and manyyy many others :) they all looked delicious and i really had a hard time deciding for my first time!

emily got the seitan steak sandwich and I got the vegetarian spring wrappers. We also bought salsa and were super excited to try these Guacamole chips..only to get home and I realized they were not vegan. :( BUT thats okay. the spring rolls made up for it. :)

Anyway, mine were AWESOME! the sauce that it came with complemented them perfectly and was really delicious. Emily's sandwich was also quite tasty, but it tasted pretty much just like a chicken salad sandwich would taste, I would think. So maybe next time i'll try the chicken and see if it's much different from the "Steak". It was also really cool that they had the ingredients and nutritional information posted on each item as well!
Anyway! this was just really convenient and awesome to see that 7-11's in the city are offering these options for vegans, and for people who might not know it's not really meat!

one final down, 3 to go next week! good luck to everyone else taking their finals :)


Anonymous said...

hey cool! Where are you traveling to??
And thanks! Due to an expresso, I had an amzing time shopping and managed to find a chic red blouse!

Anonymous said...

That is SUPER AMAZING! haha I wish I had those at my gas station!

VeggieGirl said...

7-11 having vegan options = revolutionary!! :-)

Good luck with finals!!

Bianca said...

Oh damn, I wish we had 7-11's around here! I can't believe they have such a massive selection.

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

I loved the chikn salad sammies when I lived in Philly. Miss them now!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh!! Vegan options at a 7-11? Never thought I'd see the day, lol!!

Good to know! Good luck with finals!!

River said...

Who would have thought! That's so cool!
Good luck with the rest of your finals!!

jodye said...

Vegan food at 7-11? really?! That is insane.. I never thought I'd see the day.

Miss Marie said...

That's awesome! I just found out the the sweet chili doritos are vegan too!

Megan said...

ohh i am so so jealous! there are practically zero vegan choices in delaware, it makes things soooo boring. i need that 7-11! preferably in my back yard :)

Vegan On Stage said...

omg 711 pulling through! i cant beleive they had so many vegan options!!!

look at that.. wow.. haha clearly im in shock