Wednesday, November 12, 2008

and i was your silver lining as the story goes

So last week my roomie and I were deciding where to go for lunch and we thought of this place that was near our old apartment last year..that we always talked about going to but never actually went to. (you know how that goes..)
We used to live right near outskirt of Philadelphia that isn't exactly the nicest neighborhood..and I remember seeing on menupages that there was a vegetarian restaurant right on Germantown Ave called The Nile Cafe. The menu online showed many different sandwiches, salads, mock meats,..even a questionable veg roast duck and spicy fish. And..a dessert menu which instantly wins me over anyway. ;)

So we finally went. And we walked inside and at first you walk into this store which has lots of different things such as books, cds, incense, different body treatments, etc. It was pretty cool.
And then you walked past it and to the restaurant..which is really just about 7-8 tables past the window where you ordered, which you could see the entire "homey" feeling kitchen.

It says it's a juice bar as well, though I did not ask, I didn't really see any place where they would've made different juices, but hey maybe it's hidden.

Anyway, I asked the woman at the window to see a menu, but she said they didn't really have one, and that they just cooked up different things basically all day and you could choose from what was already there. She had enough soup left for my roomie and I to share a cup while we waited for our food. It was a Lentil Vegetable soup..and quite delicious!

We weren't sure what we wanted..but she told us that she had a creole, another vegetable dish that I don't remember because I don't think I liked that kind of vegetable, mockmeat of fish, mockmeat of duck, and mockmeat of BBQ chicken. She nicely let us sample each of the mockmeats to choose which one we wanted, and we decided to go with the bbq chicken, though they were all quite good! We shared a plate because we were saving room for dessert, and it came with the chicken, rice and we chose the creole.

Everything was awesome! the sauce on the chicken was the best bbq sauce I think i've ever had, and it felt like such a home cooked meal, i loved it! The woman was also super nice and made us feel really comfortable with the stuff knowing it was our first time there.
We finally got the dessert, and I chose a scoop of vanilla caramel and a scoop of cookies n cream ice cream. Emily got a scoop of chocolate and a scoop of mocha ice cream. Both choices were really really awesome. :)

This place was such a different atmosphere than the usual vegan cafe's that i've been to in philly, and I really appreciated that. I know I'll definitely be back, especially since it's so close and I'm excited to see how they change up the lunch menu everyday! :)

Okay so I've been tagged by two super wonderful blogs for the 7 facts I'll do it ;)

1. I'm really really into the Twilight series and sometimes I admit it and sometimes I don't haha but everytime I see a commercial I get really excited and I can't wait to see it in theatres!

2. My ipod is full of underground, compelling, indie music that I really really enjoy.. but I have a seperate artist folder called "Stuff" which I have all my rap that I like to listen to when I feel gangster or get ready ...or just in the mood for it haha but I keep it all under there so it doesn't look like I just have a bunch of T.I. or Lil Wayne haha.

3. I have a bit of an overwhelming lust for Nick Thomas, the singer of the spill canvas. I first heard their song "the tide" about 6 years ago(yes wayyyyy before mtv had ever even heard of them) and I fell in love with them ever since with what talent at composing such heartfelt meaningful lyrics they had. But I really like Nick a lot even though everyone says he looks like a bear :(

4. I hate rainy days. I'd prefer to just stay in bed watching a good movie all day..but mostly I hate them because they make me have ugly hair all day.

5. I love having dreams. I get really dissapointed when I wake up and I don't remember any from the night before, but I love waking up and rethinking about them all day and trying to analyze them. A bit of a Freudian, I know. ;)

6. Freshman year of college I was sooo determined to transfer back to my hometown and finish school there, but luckily and thankfully I did not. Now I couldn't ever see myself doing that and I think I've learned a lot from being up here instead.

7. I honestly don't even know how I wound up with Psychology as my major, I mean I was interested in it in high school but I guess I just wasn't interested in anything else enough. I really hope to go on to do something with nutritional psychology. Though it does make me really really nervous when people tell me that there isn't hope for a good job with just a bachelors in psych, and that you have to basically go all the way. But we'll see ;)

So a lot of people have already been tagged for this one, but if you haven't been...then I officially tag you because I love reading these! :)


ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Sounds exactly like a place in Narberth that I went to once... 'cept I wasn't lucky enough to find a place with yummy-sounding vegan ice cream!

Anonymous said...

AHH I LOVE the Twilight books too! I read all of them in a week =) I'm super excited for the movie, I think its gonna be amazing.

That is such a cute place you ate at. I love how everything is fresh and made that day.

Anonymous said...

From your description, the place sounds super friendly and homey! And Twilight books are officially the best!

VeggieGirl said...

Ooooh, fun restaurant!! That Lentil Vegetable soup sounds ESPECIALLY good right now (since I'm freezing, haha).

Great facts!! I'm like you with #4 and #5 :-)

Anonymous said...

What a great find! I love discovering little hidden gems like that in big cities.

River said...

OMG that ice cream looks way too good!
I like rainy days, but I hate how they make my hair all messy and unmanageable.

Bianca said...

Ha! We have a Germantown suburb too. But it's the snooty, stuck-up neighborhood where all the rich folks live. Funny that it's not a nice neighborhood where you live.

And that vegan cafe looks so cool. I love little soul food cafes!

VeganView said...

All that food looks amazing! And very nice qouoting Rilo Kiley. Love them!

alaina said...

i've never read twilight! i was thinking about seeing the movie but i'm afraid of ruining it.

tofufreak said...

ooh that sounds like an awesome place!

yeah i think i'm like the only humanoid that has not read the Twilight series... ahaha :D

Miss Marie said...

:) I love Twilight. We've got tickets for Thursday at midnight! ;)

Allison said...

That place looks and sounds amazing!...Especially the ice cream you ordered! Haha, I love the facts about yourself...I'm definitely with you on the "ugly hair days"...rain+humidity is not a good combo :0)

Vegan On Stage said...

wow your thanksgiving looks delish!!!! and vegan ice cream!! yummm... i dont think ive ever found that on a menu..

thanks for the comment lady :)

Vegan On Stage said...

oh and twlight... im seriously obsessed