Wednesday, August 27, 2014

It's like I got this music in my mind

This past weekend was a continuation of my birthday celebration. The first part was back on August 4th to try the sneak preview of V-Street. This weekend I requested since it was my "almost birthday" (2 days before it) to go check out the Bethlehem Veg Fest!

I had been wanting to go to this veg fest since it began a few years ago, but was never usually around for it. I'm excited I had the chance to experience it this year and everything that it entailed!

Although it was a cloudy day with a 70% chance of rain, that did not stop the crowds from coming. It seemed to be busier than I expected - and the university nearby was having its move-in weekend too which could have been a factor! Luckily the rain held out and only did spurts of light showers here and there.

{The ever lasting long line for the Cinnamon Snail Food truck}

{A delicious hot-sauce sampling stand while waiting in line for Cinnamon Snail}

{Mentioned hot sauce being TOO hot and needing to buy a delicious pineapple drink to cool down with!}

{Getting so close for the Cinnamon Snail! There were MANY awesome vegan options for lunch at Veg Fest, but I had my heart on finally trying the Cinnamon Snail food truck I had heard so much about.}

{My delicious lunch from Cinnamon Snail - Lemongrass 5 Spice Seitan - with curried cashews, argula, sichuan chili sauce and wasabi mayo over greens}

{Jason's lunch - Korean Barbecue Seitan - served open faced on a grilled tortilla slathered with chili butter, kimchi, and greens. Both were so delicious! }

{Cute pigs to pet :) }

{When I saw that Rachel from Miss Rachel's Pantry was doing a demonstration, I was very excited to stick around and watch! Although she cooked tempeh, which is not my fave, she did an awesome job explaining her steps and going through the demonstration despite the rain going on! }

{ One of the few times I enjoyed Tempeh. :) }

{Of course, how could I pass up the Vegan Treats table?! So many awesome things to choose from! Such as the vegan chicken and waffles donuts! The everything but the kitchen sink brownie won me over though - because I hadn't had a brownie in a much overdue time. Next time though - the donuts! }

I've had quite a vegan-filled birthday celebration and am so glad that my husband is willing to join me in these events. :) Cheers to 26!

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