Tuesday, May 20, 2008

being unemployed is not very fun..

So i've been home for over a week now..and still..no job. :( i've applied at a bunch of places but i guess i'm not needed. hmph. I couldn't even go back to fuddrucker's/u-turn...they closed down last week completely! so i suppose i'll just go out yet again today and fill out a million applications. one of them is bounddd to give me a shot,..hopefully. :\

Anyway, last week my brother's girlfriend, Christine came for a night and so I made a dessert for us all to enjoy while she was here and such..as if i needed an excuse to make a dessert haha. There were two pretty ripe bananas just begging to be made into something delicious, so I decided upon a banana coffee cake from fatfreevegan and it came out fabulous!

I also made some french toast for my mother for mother's day last sunday..
and i even remembered to take a picture! but unfortunately, I erased all my pictures on my camera before I had the chance to upload it..what a shame, because they were really scrumptious! tasted just like french toast that i remember. :)
i'm sure i'll make them again sometime soon though, cody really likes french toast so perhaps one day soon for him i will. :)

well off to continue the never-ending job hunt....hmmmmmm...

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Sam said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! I just recently moved to the Salisbury area and I'm loving it! I've found that the farmers' market and Giant foods are my saviors in the quest for vegan food. Since I tend to make my food, I don't eat out all that often. We are going to be having vegan "potlucks in the park" starting soon, I'll let you know dates when I get them.