Sunday, July 8, 2007

A first blog. I suppose I should make it interesting.
I'm not sure what I'll exactly be blogging about.

I suppose I'll talk about current affairs that I'm dealing with.

It's July the 8th. of 2007. Just the date of today is incredible.
Who would have thought this is where I would be on this day?
Sitting in my room on my summer break of my soon to be sophomore year of college in the city of Philadelphia.

Things have been going quite well. I thought my freshman year of college would have been much more difficult. But not really.
It sure was an experience though. Being in a place where I knew not a single person, it was quite an adventure for the not-so-outgoing me. But I managed to survive, and make friends along the way.
I remember first attending the sorority events..thinking it was not for me and I was just going to the events for something to do, not taking them seriously. And I ended up pledging. And the girls that are in it are all so interesting and nice to hang out with so I'm extremely glad that I did. Joining a sorority was definitely not something I saw myself doing before I went to college. But then again, Delta Phi Epsilon at my school isn't exactly like other typical sororities so I guess it's a bit different.

I told myself I would go to college and come home a vegan. That didn't happen. I suppose the whole eating in the dining hall had some sort of intereference with that. Not really, I could have if I wanted to. I suppose living in an apartment and having only 10 meals a week at the dining hall this year would make it a lot easier to make the transition to a vegan lifestyle.
We'll see how that one goes when I leave in August.

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